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15 Tips to get your next 1.000 buzzing Pinterest Followers (not only in Austria)

Montag, 15.10.2012

How to grow your next 1.000 Pinterest Österreich Users organically!?

Pinterest Österreich - Pinterest AustriaAustria is a very small country (8,5 Mio. residents). Since Facebook has penetration of 33,62% (2,8 Mio. users), XING 0,49 Mio. and LinkedIn 0,26 Mio., there is not much space for other Plattforms like Twitter with 95.000 users or Pinterest. Most important answer:

Find your Pinterest Nische to get it buzzing

Besides many other Pinterest Tips I already gave (in German & English), there are 4 with a high importance, because they do work in every Social Network. They are more likely an strategic attitude, than a Technique. 3 of them had been written down by Eve Mayer Orsburne in her great book “Social Media for the CEO”.

1. Shut up an Listen before you act (by LinkedInQueen)
2. Opposite (not Equality) attracts (by LinkedInQueen)
3. One Ball is not Enough to Juggle (by LinkedInQueen)
4. Collaborate, connect, share, inspire (by Sam Steiner)

Collaboration is the real Secret at Pinterest

15 Pinterest DO's by alike.ch

Especially within small Markets like the Austrian Social Media Market, there is no Space at all for pure EGO working on Pinterest as I have seen with many Austrian Social Media Web Agencies. Some of them start very enthusiastic and try to do the same what might work in other networks to create reach and buzz. But Pinterest and even Instagram are special Interest Networks, where you have to LISTEN more to find how to get visibility and buzz for our Austrian Niche.

Think outside the BOX if you are looking for Success in Austria at Pinterest

If we want to create an awesome Branding for our Austrian Customers at Pinterest, we have to make our learnings first and live what we want to sell ourselves before we step out and start to find a buzzing Niche for their opportunities.

The Swiss Social Media Consultant Sam Steiner (alike.ch) has created a great List of 15 “Dos” for Pinterest. If one mixes them with the correct attitudes, Pinterest Success in a small Market like Austria gets possible too.

If you like this post, you are invited to share/pin the views and show your attitude towards Collaboration ;-)

If you want to participate in Austro/German collaboration boards give a comment to this blogpost. If you want to know last weeks Pinterest user Charts in Austria/Österreich, klick here.

  1. Choose one of the communityboards you would like to join
    a) Austrian Brands & News on Pinterest (by Lukas Tyrbus)
    b) { Social Media Adventure }{ Human Resources }{ QR Code Design }
    c) #Instagram
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20 Responses to “15 Tips to get your next 1.000 buzzing Pinterest Followers (not only in Austria)”

  1. Sam Steiner

    I meant these 15 “dos” as short-cuts for people starting with Pinterest. To help them not have to make all the mistakes again.

    I did NOT mean them as a set of rules that takes away all the fun in experimenting, being creative, learning from mistakes …

    (thanks, Michael, for mentioning me ;)

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    Hi Kriti … nowadays Pinterest changed some things. We need to follow viceversa first to add you to a community board. I juts followed you. One question about your Blog. Do you add the photos from Pinterest to Blogspot? Do you use a tool, and how so you add the “P” into your photos?

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